The Jack Bryant Hair Care was developed in the mid 70's, and have continually expanded our hair care as trends and style have changed. We started with our Original "Studio Line" .
In the early 80's we introduced an additional line in our hair care called our "Designer Series". All products are formulated to ensure that your hair will perform its best when used as directed to give you maximum performance with little effort.

News Update:

We have currently developed a few new exciting products to add to our designer series hair care line.

New Products:

Silk Protein Shampoo & Conditioner
Mint Cream Conditioner
Hard Rock Gel
Crystal Laminates with a new Tropical Melon Fragrance

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Special Note: Our complete haircare line can be used on not only Human Hair, but can also be used on all types of hair including - Synthetic Alternative Hair.



Designer Series


Pearl Series 

Important Note:

You will receive the very best results when hair care is used on a daily basis


Pearl Shampoo  9 oz. bottle $14.95 and Quart $43.95

Pearl Shampoo is a very creamy and thick shampoo which cleanses hair gently without stripping the hair. The fresh light fragrance is as soft as a gently tropical trade wind. Your hair will feel healthier and softer than it has felt in a long time. You will notice an immediate improvement in the overall feel and luster ,which in turn will also leave your hair soft and subtle making your hair easier than ever to manage.

NOTE: All of our entire Jack Bryant Product line is of the highest quality and and is very concentrated. Just a tiny application will give wonderful results. An 9 oz. bottle will last longer than a quart bottle of your open market hair care.


Pearl Conditioner:   9 oz. bottle $14.95 and Quart $43.95

Just a little Pearl Conditioner will leave your hair unbelievably soft, silky and light ,almost immediately, making your hair feel "Very Light, soft ,shiny and easy to manage".

Important Note: Rinse only 50 % of the Pearl Conditioner from your hair.

Another added benefit is that you can also use this conditioner as a hand and body lotion and also as a excellent shave cream for both men and women.

Will help to eliminate "Razor Burn"

If you find that you have rinsed too much Pearl Conditioner out simply re-apply a little Pearl Conditioner directly to towel-dried hair.


Mint Tingle Shampoo and Mint Creame Conditioner</


(Mint Tingle Shampoo)
8 oz. bottle $14.95

This unique shampoo with peppermint oil safely cleans the hair while giving your scalp a clean refreshing feel . Shampoo daily using a shampoo brush. When shampoo achieves a thick creamy lather, your hair is clean.....If not, repeat, then rinse hair thoroughly.

Special Note: We recommend that "All Hair" be Shampooed & Conditioned daily to achieve "Maximum Results" .


Mint Cream Conditioner ; 9 oz. bottle $14.95

A very concentrated candy cane fragrance conditioner that takes very little product to work very effectively. Massage into scalp , then work out to the ends. Pay close attention to damaged area of the hair and massage conditioner deep into those areas.

Leave in hair from 2 to 5 minutes then rinse lightly.

For best results hair should be Shampooed and Conditioned daily to achieve maximum results from your hair

After shampooing with salon recommended product, rinse and "Apply enough conditioner so you feel your hair change to a soft feel. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes and "Rinse Lightly'..."DO NOT" rinse squeaky clean. Next , towel dry as much water from hair as possible. Your hair is now ready for your choice of style aids.


 Silk Protein Shampoo 8 oz. bottle $14.95 and Quart $43.95
Silk Protein Conditioner is a light shampoo with a vanilla fragrance that leaves hair silky and smooth. As with all of our shampoos the way you can tell if your hair is clean you will get a thick lather. If you do not get a thick lather this means your hair is not throughly clean and requires to re-shampoo.


Silk Protein Conditioner 8 oz. bottle $14.95 and Quart $43.95
Silk Protein Conditioner is a light conditioner that flows throught the hair easily leaving your hair very soft & virtually tangle free very quickly. The fragrance is very soft and light with a vanilla bean infusement.


Hard Rock Gel  4 oz. bottle $16.25

This unique formula will hold even the most stubborn hair into the desired position. Note: A little goes a long way .

Directions: Apply a little in the palm of your hands. Using your finger tips, "Working Quickly" (as product sets up very fast) . Apply product to areas where you desire hair to have a separated effect and to stand up and give a Rock Hard feel. After setting up, if hair is brushed through stiffness will demish Using a little water will reactivate product as well as diluting it. Wash hand after use to remove any excess product.


Crystal Spray Laminates:   4 oz. bottle $19.95

...... For an instant brilliant healthy shine, this fresh melon fragrance Crystal Laminates has the unique capability of making even the most stressed hair shiny & soft . It is excellent for "All Types of Hair". It will smooth down dry fuzzy ends , dry's "Crystal Clear" and does not weigh down the hair.

Directions: Use on Wet or Dry Hair. Can be used with style aids for a softer effect. Hold bottle 10 to 12 inches from hair. Depress atomizer with quick uniform strokes for desired gloss. After using hair spray to achieve desired hold, mist Laminates over entire style for optimum shine .


Gel Laminates   1.75 oz. bottle $16.25

....."A Hair Polish" This unique product will give your hair a Brilliant Healthy shine. It is very concentrated and only take a little bit to achieve a soft pliable effect to hair.

Can also be used to acheive a wet look.

Directions: Use very sparingly, apply a little Hair Polish to the palm of your hands. Using your fingertips lightly apply hair polish where needed to achieve desired results.


Studio Line


Bubblegum Shampoo  8 oz. bottle $14.95 and Quart $43.95

Excellent for use on all color hair especially silver and highly bleached blonde hair. Removes unwanted yellow from Silver and Blond hair. This Unique Shampoo has a with a Amaretto Cherry Almond Scent.
As always, use of a shampoo brush daily with all our shampoos will help with existing scalp conditions, and promote a healthy scalp condition.

NOTE: As with all our shampoos - daily shampooing is recommended. When shampooing; Shampooing twice will insure that your hair & scalp are throughly clean. When you get a thick lather you will know your hair is clean.


Hi Soft Conditioner with a Amaretto, Cherry, Almond scent.
8 oz. bottle $14.95 and Quart $43.95

This conditioner will soften hair very quickly. As an added BONUS.

This product is excellent for use as a shaving cream for both men and women. Apply to face, (for men), underarms and legs (for women). Shave as usually and experience the best results ever. Helps eliminate "Razor Burn".

Excellent for all types of hair. Rinse only 50% of product from hair, "DO NOT" rinse squeekly clean. Next towel dry hair prior to application of styling aids.


Fixative Styling Cream    5.5 oz. bottle $14.95

A unique styling Cream. Used daily in the hair, you will receive the same feeling and benefits of rubbing hand lotion on your hands. We call this product "Our Hand Lotion for the Hair". This is unlike any hair managing product you have ever used. It will leave Soft Body yet will control your hair. To reactivate this and all products, simply mist with water.

For additional softness, mist 4-5 puffs of Crystal Spray Laminates in with about a nickels worth of fixative. Mix together. Using the tips of your fingers apply to internal structure at scalp working outward. Apply remaining balance over entire head, using your hair as you would a towel when drying your hands.


Gelee’ Styling Gel   8 oz. bottle $14.95

Is a gentle floral scented forming gel: For those styles that need that extra hold. Using about the size of your thumb nail, squeeze a little Gelee’ Styling Gel into the palm of your hand. Now using your fingertips apply product lightly starting at the roots and working out to the ends of the hair.


Sculpt Spray   8 oz. bottle $14.95 and Quart $43.95

This fantastic hair spray has no shellac or lacquer making this a spray that is not sticky or stiff feeling hair spray .This highly concentrated unique non aerosol hair spray is equivalent to 5 cans of an aerosol hair spray Just a little spray will hold your hair in place yet leave a nice shine as well as eliminating that "Stiff Feel" left by other hair sprays.

To reactivate hair spray: it is important that you DO NOT use more hair spray simply mist with water to reactivate the hair spray