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Jack Bryant Hair Studio
3639 Chico Way NW
Bremerton, Washington 98312 USA
(360) 377-8245

Note: A phone order (Recommended), is always the quickest way to place an order.
Simply call 360-377-8245 to place your order
Ordered placed by phone are usually shipped out the same business day if possible
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The following information is need when placing an order.
Credit Card Number [VISA or MASTERCARD]:_________________________________
Name EXACTLY as it appears on card:______________________________
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**Please understand that if paying using a personal check there will be a mandatory 7-10 day period for all checks to clear.
Please provide us with your Name, email address and contact telephone numbers (with area code) , so we can contact you if any questions may come up. Thank You

Salon Hours - 
Tuesday thru Friday: 10:00AM to 7:00PM
Sat 9:00AM - 2:00pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays
If we do not answer the phone when you call, it is because we are either with a client, or the studio is closed.
Kindly leave your name and contact numbers so we can call you back.
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Please phone 1(360)377-8245
e-mail : jbhs@comcast.net

Note:  A phone call will save you time and trouble, as your call will be answered immedietly and orders taken at that time. Kindly place orders during business hours. Phone orders left on our answering machine, will be filled the next business day.
Thank You

Product: Quantity: Shampoo ,Condition & Spray Sizes:  2oz.,  8oz. or 32 oz. Prices Total Price:
Pearl Shampoo Designer Series #  2 oz.travel size $3.75 ea. /8 oz. $11.95 ea. /Orts.$39.95 each
Pump for Qrt.$5.99   each   
Pearl Conditioner Designer Series #   8 oz. $ 14.95 ea./ Orts $43.95ea.  Pumps for Qrts  $5.99 ea $
Mint Tingle Designer Series            Shampoo #    9 oz $11.95  ea.                    $
Mint Creame Designer Series Shampoo #   9 oz. $11.95 ea. $
Silk Protien Designer Series Shampoo #   8 0z. $11.95 ea. $
Silk Protien Designer Series Conditioner #  2 oz. $3.75 ea./ 8 oz $11.95 ea. / Qrts. $39.95 Pumps for Qrts. $5.99 ea $
Hair "Gelle" Designer Styling Gel (Firm Hold) #  7 oz. Tube   $11.95 ea. $
Hard Rock Gel Designer Series #  4 oz. Tube $ 14.95 ea $
Gel Laminates Designer Series #  2 oz. Bottle with built in pump $14.95 ea $
Crystal Spray Laminates Designer Series #  4 oz. Bottle with Sprayer $ 19.95 ea. $
Pumps for Qrt bottles #  Pumps for Quarts Bottles $5.99 ea $
Bubblegum Studio Line Shampoo #  2 oz. $3.75 ea. / 8 oz. $11.95 ea Orts $39.95 ea. $
Hi Soft Studio Line Conditioner #  8oz. $11.95 ea. / Orts. $39.95 ea. $
Fixative Styling Cream # 5.5 oz tube $11.95 ea. $
Studio Line Mega Gel  (Firm Hold) # 8 oz. Bottle $11.95 ea. $
Studio Line Sculpt Spray (Adjustable.Holding Spray)
Can be reactivated by mistinf with water.
#  8 oz. Bottle with Sprayer $ 11.95 ea. / Orts $39.95 ea
Helpful Note: Orts are your best value.You can refill you bottles and save.
Before refilling Hair Spray bottle, Clean sprayer nozzle ,then pump hot water through sprayer until light mist appears. Sprayer will be like new again. Try this trick if your sprayer does not pump with a fine mist. Our 8 oz bottle is equal to 6 cans of Aresole Hair Spray but contains No Shellac or laquers that make hair stiff and gummy.
 Products  Refer to Product section for complete detail of entire product line
  # # $
  # # $
* * 8.6%Washington State Tax: $
* * Handling: $10.00
* * USPS Postage: $
* *  Total: $